What Plumbing Can I Do Myself?

No matter how much maintenance you actually do, plumbing issues can arise. There are various causes that can lead to the development of plumbing problems. Now, most of these issues have some DIY tips that you can collect from the web. However, it is advisable that you first check with the Australian Law and Regulations before attempting to do any plumbing work.

Sometimes, in an effort to save some money, people avoid calling in the experts. This is actually a big mistake because these regulations are in place for your safety. Most of these plumbing works need to be handled delicately. And for that, technical training, skill, and experience are crucial.

You might not realize it, but a tiny mistake can eventually cause more damage to the previous problem. That could cost you even more than before. Now, you must be wondering – What plumbing can I do myself?

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What are the Plumbing Issues that You Can Handle?

Are you thinking – What plumbing can I do myself? Take a look at the list below to know more.

  • Replacing a tap washer
  • Changing the shower head
  • Drain cleaning (you can use drain snake and plunger)
  • Maintain and clean floor drain gates
  • Maintain below and above ground irrigation systems
  • Replacing caps on drain openings

When Do You Have to Call in the Experts?

Now you know – What plumbing can I do myself? It is time to understand when you must get in touch with the experts.

As per Australian law, you must call in a licensed professional when there is an issue with the drinking water or sewer system. If there is any problem related to gas plumbing, then you must get in contact with licensed gas fitters. Moreover, make sure that you get a compliance certificate after the work is completed. Hot water systems too must only be treated by professionals.

How to Choose the Best Plumbing Service Providers in Your Area?

Nowadays, there are numerous plumbing service providers in the market. That can actually cause confusion and make the task of opting for a provider even more difficult. However, there are some parameters that you can consider while making the decision.

Check out the license

One of the most vital criteria that you must check out is the license of the plumber. It is crucial that you ask for it and then cross-check it with the respective authorities. Having a license means that you can be sure that the professional has the credibility to back up his skills.

Look out for insurances

Another thing that you need to observe is insurance. Check if the service provider covers both personal and property insurance. If there is no insurance, then any damage to the property or to the health of the plumber can fall on your shoulders.

Read the reviews

Before you make the hiring decision, take some time out to go through the reviews. If there are more positive reviews than negative ones, you can opt for that provider. Keep in mind that receiving absolutely no negative reviews is impossible!

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Need Professional Plumbing Services? Get in Touch With Us Now!

If you are thinking about what plumbing can I do myself, then there are some that you can fix. However, in most cases, it is vital that you get in touch with the experts. The Australian Law and Regulations regarding plumbing keeps in mind your safety as the primary priority. You could place yourself, your family members, and your house in real danger. It is pertinent that only licensed professionals fix major plumbing problems.

SOS Plumbers offers different types of plumbing services. We have a team of reliable plumbers, gas fitters, and technicians who have the expertise and technical training needed to deal with various crises. Moreover, we use professional-grade tools and materials and follow all the safety protocols. Furthermore, we charge attractive price rates and are available at all hours. All you have to do is give us a call!