Top 5 Checks Before Hiring Emergency Plumber Sydney

No matter what you do and how you live, plumbing services are something that you cannot escape. Therefore, what is the need to avoid when you can prepare yourself for the worst? Even if the situation gets complicated, with a clear mindset you can easily tackle the situation. However, it is not possible to know all about the plumbing services. In that case, it becomes difficult to hire a professional plumber. But, not anymore, as we will brief you on some of the crucial and time-saving tips to keep in mind during hiring an emergency plumber Sydney.

Tips for Choosing the Best Emergency Plumber Sydney

1. Origin Of The Agency

Even before you call Emergency Plumber Sydney for a quick solution, you need to know the origin of the agency. After all, it is not a great move to call a plumbing agency in some other locations when you need the service in Sydney. Therefore, take some time out when the plumbing system is working properly and search for the nearby plumbing agencies within your locality.

Also, if you choose a plumbing agency from your location, the plumber will know the common practices within the surrounding areas. Therefore, you will get the emergency plumbing solution without explaining the situation. So, make sure to keep the origin of the plumbing agency in mind while looking for a professional emergency plumber in Sydney.

2. Servicing Locations

Apart from the origin of the agency, you need to know about the servicing locations of the company. Often, a company keeps its servicing locations restricted to their origin only. In that case, you must make a note of their servicing locations. Also, make sure to ask them whether they will be able to serve Emergency Plumber Sydney whenever you need them.

Moreover, some plumbing agencies follow some rules when it comes to emergency services. And in that situation, the emergency plumbers might not provide you with the service. So, always talk to your servicing agency about the details of their servicing policy. 

3. Expertise Of The Plumber

No matter how urgent you need a plumbing solution, you must avoid compromising the quality. So, before you hire an Emergency Plumber Sydney, you need to ask your expert about his work and how he achieves the task. Also, whether he can perform the task within a short time with minimum gadgets or not plays a key role. 

During emergencies, a professional plumber must see through all the hassles to get the work done within a short time. So, experience and knowledge of the plumber are essential to get the work done within a short time. Therefore, hiring a professionally trained and skilled plumber from a reputed institution is a bonus point.

4. Affordability Of The Plumber In Local Regions

You may find the best emergency plumber in your locality. But, the fees of the professional plumber may not be in your budget. So, while choosing the professional plumber, keep the budget in mind. For that, you can talk to your local plumber about the servicing charges. As your local plumber does not have to visit far, the transportation charges will be lesser than plumbers from other agencies. Therefore, always start to look for a professional emergency plumber within your locality to get the job done.

5. Plumbing Tools And Instruments  

You may get a certified and affordable plumber within your locality. But, how will it help, if the plumber does not have the needed tools and instruments? Therefore, while hiring a professional Emergency Plumber Sydney, you need to know about the plumbing tools and instruments. Ask your servicing plumber about the needed tools and instruments for the service and whether he has them or not. Even if there are inadequate plumbing tools and instruments, is there any alternative solution for plumbing fixation? However, during an emergency, your plumber must have all the plumbing tools to avoid any issues. So, talk to your servicing team and know about the plumbing gadgets.

So, these are some of the top 5 tips to keep in mind while choosing the Emergency Plumber Sydney. However, choosing a professional plumber Sydney without a clear idea can hamper the process. Therefore, talking to your local and popular plumbing service providing agency will get you the most effective solution. So, without further delay, look for the popular plumbing service provider in Sydney and talk to the plumbers through their given customer care number.

How To Install Sarking in The Existing Roof

Did you know that sarking offers an extra layer of protection to the roof? If you are wondering what sarking is, it is actually a membrane that is fitted underneath the roof tiles. It not only offers protection against harsh weather conditions but also boosts efficient insulation. That is why a roof without sarking is not compulsory. However, the sarked roof will offer a better defense. Knowing how to install sarking in the existing roof is advantageous. It may sound frightening, but you can excel at it if you have the right tools and some confidence.

Steps to Install Sarking in Existing Roof

how to install sarking in the existing roof

There are various steps that you must follow for sarking installation. Are you ready to know how to install sarking in existing roof?

Step 1: Purchase High-quality Products

Before you start work, you must ensure that you have professional-grade materials. It will ensure that the sarking lasts for a long time.

Step 2: Get an Accurate Roof Dimension

Next, you must get the exact measurements of the roof. It will help you in purchasing sarking sheets. Make sure that the dimensions are correct as it will have a direct effect on the length of the sarking sheets. Moreover, you will also get an idea of the number of sheets you need to purchase.

Step 3: Unfasten The Ridge Capping

After that, you need to work on detaching the ridge capping. It is vital so that you can unfasten the roof clips and tiles.

Step 4: Remove The Clips

Now, the next step involves removing the roof clips that tighten the tiles. Here, you can inspect and see if the clips are in good condition. If they are damaged, you can use this opportunity to replace them with new ones.

Step 5: Take off The Roof Battens

After that, you must remove the roof battens. It will assist you in the installation of the sarking sheets just under them.

Step 6: Install The Sarking Sheets

Now, you must place the sarking sheets onto the roof with great care. Make sure that they are aligned properly. Moreover, you can use a nail gun to ensure that they are fitted with the rafters.

Step 7: Reassemble The Roof Components

Now, you must reassemble the components. Firstly, you will have to reinstall the roof battens, and then after that, you must put back the roof tiles. Do this with great caution. After that, you must reattach the ridge capping and make sure that they are in alignment.

These are the steps that you must follow in how to install sarking in the existing roof.

A Word of Caution!

Any work on a roof has the potential to cause accidents. So, it is vital that you wear safety gear like non-slip shoes, head protection, and other equipment pieces.

Tips to Consider For How To Install The Sarking Sheets in The Existing Roof?

There are various pointers that can help you in understanding how to install sarking in the existing roof or how to install sarking in existing metal roof. Check out the following tips to know more you can also get help from our professional Roof Plumbing Sydney team for quick and affordable installation of sarking.

  1. It is vital that you sag the sarking sheets to ensure proper drainage with the gutter and proper roof insulation.
  2. In order to develop a drying path, you must create an air space between the roof membrane and the underneath part of the roof sheet.
  3. For the blockage of water spilling within the roof cavity, you must ensure the sealing of the side laps. In that case, you need to tape the vertical overlap amidst the roll joins.

How To Install Sarking in The Existing Roof? Attain Professional Aid Now!

Installation of sarking into the existing roof is an added benefit. You get to have an extra layer of protection against harsh environmental conditions. Moreover, you can try to do it yourself. But, for that, you must know how to install sarking in the existing roof. However, if you do not feel comfortable handling such a project, you can always get the service of a reputable company.

We, the SOS Plumber Sydney team offer different types of plumbing services, including sarking installation. Our team of expert roof plumbers and technicians has the expertise needed to deal with various situations. Moreover, we use high-quality tools and offer top-rated solutions. Furthermore, with us, you will get affordable price rates, and our services are available at all times. Give us a call, and we will be there right away!

Many homeowners spend around 300 dollars to recruit a plumber. In order to save on plumbing costs and avoid long plumbing bills, it is suggested to take some preventive measures. Do consider the importance of plumbing maintenance, which can stop small issues from getting big.

In this article, you are going to read about some easy home plumbing maintenance tips. Believe it or not, maintaining pipes is a very easy task for you. In fact, we have listed 6 Plumbing Maintenance Tips that will help you keep your plumbing in proper condition.

Plumbing Maintenance

6 Plumbing Maintenance Tips from Experts!

Check for Leaks

Whenever you have a “how to maintain plumbing system?” question in mind- do consider checking for leaks. You must not ignore leaks. Irrespective of how big or small it is. Maybe it is a small one at the moment. However, with time it can become a Plumbing emergency.

Be mindful. Look for problematic spots that can give you signs of sudden leaks, covering:

  • Cabinets
  • Sinks
  • Kitchen Taps
  • Bathroom Tiles

If you just found a leak, directly recruit our plumbing maintenance services now!

Hiring a professional plumber can save your system and house from mould and water damage as well. 

Know Where The Shut-Off Valve Is

If you have a “what to do in a plumbing emergency” question in mind, look for the shut-off valve location. The shut-off valve not only makes the plumbing task easy but also prevents damage. 

For instance, a burst pipe can lead to severe water damage. In such cases, closing the valve quickly is recommended. This is why you must know the location of the shut-off valve and also- how to make it “on” or “off”.

Look What You Put Inside Your Toilets And Drains

Are you aware that the most common cause of blocked toilet bowls and drains are paper towels, wet wipes & other tiny objects that are not flush-friendly? 

The two most common things that you have to avoid putting in your toilet: 

  • Any waste 
  • Toilet paper

Talking about sinks, the list is even small- water is the only thing that should go down. 

Any other thing should be thrown in dustbins straight away. 

It’s a very simple habit that you can follow. Moreover, by doing it, you are totally removing the source that can block toilets and drains. 

Apply Screens On Bathroom Sink And Kitchen Drains

Since water is the only thing that should go down the sink/ drains. However, a lot of tiny substances like- hair, debris and scraps of food make their way into the drains too. If you also have the same issue- we got you covered. 

The solution is easy and affordable! 

Sink screens are affordable and reliable to filter out the sink/ drains. And thereby, preventing any unwanted item from going down the drain. 

The easy tip can eventually save your drains from getting clogged too often. So, if you wish to fix blocked sinks or drains, use a screen! 

Know About Your Pipes

As time passes by, pipes get old and have the probability to break. So, always ensure you are not only looking after pipes while their installations but also maintain them when they grow old. 

So, these aren’t real “plumbing emergency tips”. Looking after your pipes at regular intervals can help you from severe plumbing bills. Keep an eye on your piping condition as well as on the joints.

And in case you observe any wrong, plumbing emergency service 24 hours is there to help. You cannot fix a broken or burst pipe on your own. That is why hiring a professional plumbing maintenance plumber is necessary. 

Clean Your Drains On Time

It is nearly inevitable that with time, some stuff slips through the drain cracks. 

Fortunately, this issue is pretty easy to solve by yourself. All you need to do is visit a hardware shop. Your items include: 

  • Chemicals to clean drain
  • Pipe cleaners 
  • Drain snakes

Taking care of your drains in certain time gaps doesn’t hurt your pocket much. Rather, it can save you from bearing long-term plumbing maintenance and repairs. Moreover, if you are too busy to clear the drain, professional plumbers are there to clear the drain for you! 

Talk To Plumbing Maintenance Experts Now!

If your place faces a lot of plumbing failures and you are done trying to repair and clean on your own, SOS Plumbers can guide you. We are a team of local plumbing maintenance professionals working 24 by 7 in Sydney

We provide regular inspections, cleaning and repair work for plumbings. On choosing us, we turn up on time and get your system fixed for once and all. No unnecessary charges, as we work on delivering a pocket-friendly service basis.

Irrespective of whatever plumbing issue you may be facing at the moment, our emergency plumber Sydney can always help you. We are trained, licensed, experienced and reliable plumbing technicians. Talk to us over call now!

In this post, you will learn how you can get rid of the stacked clogs in your drain. You will be able to learn How to unclog sink drain 5 Pro Tips. The next tips are easy to apply.

How To Unclog Sink Drain

Boiling water

Actually, you can use boiling water in order to get the least expensive solution for getting rid of sinks. You have to think about handle a certain moderate degree of heating to your water. So you can make the hot water adequate for removing any kind of sin in your drains. The clogs will be removed due to the effect of the temperature on the system. Truth be told, it will also work on any kind of drainage that you face too.


You have to make that your garbage disposal is opened. And not causing any kind of blockage for your water flow. You can run the disposal and check whether there is any clog there. You can inspect if it is running not correctly. Like that, you will have the best switch from the bottom and upper sides of the disposal. You will ultimately ensure that there are no clogs stuck there. Especially when it comes underneath your sink.

Salt and boiling water

In addition to the previous tips and tricks, you may need to use salt and boiling water. You need a half cup of table salt and you try to mix it with the boiling water. Try to wait for a couple of minutes before applying it for your different stains too.

Vinegar and baking soda

Vinegar and baking soda can stand as an area solution for draining. All your kind sinks and clogs in your toilets and kitchen drain. You may need to try apple cider it also has a great influence on making water flow more effective. All you have to do to apply from time to time to ensure that there are no clogs colonizing. Try to use a spray too for handling great control for your liquid. Target the hardest spots on your drains too.

Baking soda and salt

The mixture of baking soda and table salt has a tremendous effect on removing all the sinks and clogs of your drains too. The deadest professional today uses it in order to handle the best water flow in your kitchen and toilets drains too. All you must do is to pour down the drain and let the mixture sit in the drains for a couple of hours and handle the best flushing using the hot world water too. You can repeat this operation as much as you need in order to ensure the best solution for your draining.

In the end, using the ‘rice of our company can make you more and more satisfied with the service of raining all your kinds of sinks and clogs on your sinks. Our staff is ready for, just call our customer service at our telephone number or on the contact us section for your website and we will be happy to help you in your water stopped sinks by best plumber Sydney.

6 Reasons Your Hot Water Heater is Not Working and How to Fix it

It is without a doubt that the hot water system is one of the most essential appliances. It not only offers hot showers but also provides warm water for dishwashing, laundry, etc. However, daily usage coupled with improper maintenance can lead to the hot water heater not working. If you want to have an uninterrupted supply of hot water, you need to at least know why the malfunction has occurred. That way, you can understand the situation and stop panicking. It is advisable that you wait for experts to repair the hot water system.

Gas hot water heater not working

There are many things that you can observe like Broken Temperature and Pressure Relief valve,  Discoloured water, Fluctuations with the water temperature, Lack of hot water, Weird smell in the water, and Loud noises from the hot water system to confirm that your gas is hot water heater not working. Also, there can be a problem with the gas supply or gas valve that is the main source to run a gas water heater. 

Electric hot water heater not working

Broken Temperature and Pressure Relief valve,  Discoloured water, and  Fluctuations with the water temperature are the common things that say your electric hot water heater not working properly. Also, when you have an electric hot water heater not working then the Lack of hot water and a Weird smell in the water are certain. Moreover, Loud noises from the hot water system are an indicator that your water heater can anytime get into a not working condition. 

Electric hot water heater not working after power outage

The most basic thing you can do to restore the working condition is trying to reset the temperature of the thermostat. If this does not work, then you can use the reset button. This will change all the settings to default which might have changed because of a sudden power outage. Also, you should know that the reset button works as a safety device for all types of water heaters. 

Moreover, Tripped Circuit Breaker, Cut Or Burnt Wires, Faulty Switchboard, Plug Problems, and Low/High Voltage are the common problems that lead to electric hot water heaters not working after a power outage.

 Hot Water Heater Not Working

RV hot water heater not working

When an RV hot water heater not working then you may have a Broken Temperature and Pressure Relief valve and you can check it easily. Also, discolored water and fluctuations with the water temperature are problems that say your RV hot water heater not working. Besides these, Lack of hot water, Weird smell in the water, and Loud noises from the hot water system are the common things that you may have to face now and then. If you have any doubt regarding the RV hot water heater not working, then you should get them cleared before you go out. 

Reasons why the hot water heater is not working and the solutions

There are numerous causes that can lead to the breakdown of a system and you need a service for a hot water system. In an effort to help you gain more knowledge, we have compiled a list of the top six reasons and the solutions.

1. Broken Temperature and Pressure Relief valve

The Temperature and Pressure Relief (T&P) valve is a safety component present within the hot water system. The valve releases steam when there is an excess buildup of temperature and pressure within the tank due to excessive heating. However, a broken or leaking T&P valve can cause major issues. While it is true that the process for replacing or taking out the old valve is not complex, still it must be done by experts. It is vital to note that delaying the problem or preventing the experts from assessing the situation can lead to dangerous consequences. The tank could burst, leading to severe health risks for the family members.

2. Discoloured water

Did you notice a change in the watercolor coming from the hot water system? Keep in mind that you are supposed to get clear water, and if that’s not the case, then that’s cause for concern. One of the primary reasons responsible for discolored water is the degradation of the anode rod. It is the anode rod that offers protection to the hot water system from rust and corrosion. The best solution, in this case, is to simply replace it. If the rust is allowed to spread, then tiny cracks will appear on the tank. This will lead to other issues such as leakage.

3. Fluctuations with the water temperature

One of the most common problems that can lead to the hot water heater not working is the fluctuation in the water temperature. If you are experiencing too hot or too cold water, it’s not uncommon. The first thing that you need to do is check out the thermostat setting. It is quite rare for the thermostat to sustain damage. Most often, changes in the temperature levels can lead to this particular problem. If changing the temperature doesn’t solve the issue, then you will need to replace the thermostat. Other reasons include water tank leaks, damaged gas control, etc.

4. Lack of hot water

The absence of hot water depends on the type of hot water system. In the case of electric models, something as simple as a blown fuse can also lead to this issue. Other causes include a damaged heating element and a broken thermostat. For gas-based hot water systems, a damaged gas valve or lack of gas supply can also cause a lack of hot water. The damaged thermocouple is another common reason for no hot water in your house. Though all the components are easily available and replaceable, you will need an expert to deal with the work. For this, taking the service of a licensed plumber makes sense.

5. Weird smell in the water

There are several types of smell that you can sniff coming from the hot water system. If you get a strong garlic odor, then the most probable cause is the pilot light. It must have gone out. In that case, you will need to relight it. If you smell something strong, then you need to check out the gas supply line. No matter the smell type or its intensity, you must switch off the system immediately. Cut off the water and power source to the hot water heater. After that, you must call the experts right away.

6. Loud noises from the hot water system

It is true that a running hot water system makes some noises. That doesn’t really alarm anyone. But, if the sound escalates to continuous popping, clicking, thumping, rumbling, etc., then you must look into it. One of the most common reasons is the excessive accumulation of sediments at the base of the hot water heater. The steam trapped within the sediments explodes, leading to the emergence of loud noises. However, if you hear a boiling noise, then that could be due to overheating. In that case, call for help immediately as the pressure may have risen to dangerous levels.

Having issues with the hot water heater not working? Get expert assistance now!

There is a wide range of reasons that can explain why your hot water system is not working. From the lack of hot water to pungent smells, there are various problems that can lead to its breakdown. Irrespective of the cause, you must seek expert aid right away. Now, you might know some DIY tips, but it is better to let professionals handle such a sensitive appliance.

SOS Plumber Sydney is one of the best plumbing service providers. With our team of certified plumbers and technicians, we offer high-quality hot water services. No matter the problem, you can seek us out for assistance. Our experts use high-quality tools and are available at all hours. Furthermore, we charge attractive price rates for all our services. Just call us, and we will handle the rest!

Can you imagine entering the home to an unpleasant, overwhelmingly foul odor? While there can be numerous causes that can explain the bad smell, sometimes it is a stinky drain. There are various causes that can lead to a smelly drain. No matter the reason, cleaning it up is far more crucial. For that, you can follow some DIY tips to clean a stinky drain. These are effective, simple, and easy to implement. Moreover, they offer excellent results and don’t cost much.

Top Ten Tips To Clean The Smelly Drain

There are various tips that can help you in getting rid of that horrid drain smell. However, in an effort to help you out, we have compiled a list of the top ten tips to clean a stinky drain.

Understand the cause

There are numerous reasons that can lead to a smelly drain. It is vital that you understand the cause. Some of the most common reasons include mold growth, tree roots, trapped debris, clog, dry P-trap, etc. Knowing the exact cause can help you determine the best solution.

Use plunger

You can try using the plunger to get rid of the clog. However, you must concentrate on making a good seal. After some vigorous pulling and pushing, you can unclog the drain.

Opt for hot water

The simplest tip that you can keep into account is the usage of hot water. However, keep in mind that if you have PVC pipes, hot water can degrade the pipe. Moreover, make sure that the water only simmers and doesn’t actually boil. Now, you can pour it down the drain to get rid of the blockage.

Use vinegar

Another alternative to hot water is white vinegar. You can pour half the total amount and then wait for a few minutes. Then, you can flush in the other half down the drain. If the clog is not too stubborn, then you will not have to try any other method.

Try the coat hanger

If you don’t have the drain snake, then the coat hanger can serve as the alternative to clean a stinky drain. Straighten the hanger and then re-shape one end in the form of a hook. Now, you must push the hook down the drain till it reaches the clog. Now, you can gently take it out along with the clog.

Mix baking soda and vinegar

You can use the concoction of baking soda and vinegar to clean a stinky drain. For that, let the hot water run for some time. Then, pour down one cup of baking soda and two cups of hot vinegar. Let the mixture react and dissolve the clog. After an hour, flush hot water down the drain.

Rinse the P-trap

Cleaning the P-trap is also an excellent way to get rid of that smell. For that, you will need to use a wrench and take apart the P-trap. After that, use a hose to clean it out and get rid of the debris.

Clean the drain vent

Get a ladder and climb up to the roof. There, you can clean out the drain vent and get rid of dry leaves and other debris.

Opt for preventive measures

The best way to clean a stinky drain is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Make sure to never dispose of oil, grease, or food in the drain. Moreover, keep the garbage disposal in clean condition. Pour hot water at the end of each week.

Call in the experts

If all the DIY tips fail to clean a stinky drain, then you must contact the professionals. They can diagnose the cause and offer long-lasting solutions.

Having a Stinky Drain? Get Expert Assistance Now!

There are various causes that can explain why there is a smelly drain in your house. While understanding the cause is vital, the most essential task is to work towards getting rid of that smell. For that, you can opt for some DIY tips to clean a stinky drain. But, if these don’t work out, you must get in touch with the blocked drain plumbers.

SOS Plumbers provides different types of emergency plumbing services. Our team of licensed plumbers and technicians has years of experience and skills needed to deal with various situations. Moreover, we use professional-grade tools and materials. Furthermore, we are always available and charge attractive price rates. Just give us a call, and we will be right there!

Must Read:- How To Unblock a Sink Without a Plunger

No matter how much maintenance you actually do, plumbing issues can arise. There are various causes that can lead to the development of plumbing problems. Now, most of these issues have some DIY tips that you can collect from the web. However, it is advisable that you first check with the Australian Law and Regulations before attempting to do any plumbing work.

Sometimes, in an effort to save some money, people avoid calling in the experts. This is actually a big mistake because these regulations are in place for your safety. Most of these plumbing works need to be handled delicately. And for that, technical training, skill, and experience are crucial.

You might not realize it, but a tiny mistake can eventually cause more damage to the previous problem. That could cost you even more than before. Now, you must be wondering – What plumbing can I do myself?

Plumbing Service

What are the Plumbing Issues that You Can Handle?

Are you thinking – What plumbing can I do myself? Take a look at the list below to know more.

  • Replacing a tap washer
  • Changing the shower head
  • Drain cleaning (you can use drain snake and plunger)
  • Maintain and clean floor drain gates
  • Maintain below and above ground irrigation systems
  • Replacing caps on drain openings

When Do You Have to Call in the Experts?

Now you know – What plumbing can I do myself? It is time to understand when you must get in touch with the experts.

As per Australian law, you must call in a licensed professional when there is an issue with the drinking water or sewer system. If there is any problem related to gas plumbing, then you must get in contact with licensed gas fitters. Moreover, make sure that you get a compliance certificate after the work is completed. Hot water systems too must only be treated by professionals.

How to Choose the Best Plumbing Service Providers in Your Area?

Nowadays, there are numerous plumbing service providers in the market. That can actually cause confusion and make the task of opting for a provider even more difficult. However, there are some parameters that you can consider while making the decision.

Check out the license

One of the most vital criteria that you must check out is the license of the plumber. It is crucial that you ask for it and then cross-check it with the respective authorities. Having a license means that you can be sure that the professional has the credibility to back up his skills.

Look out for insurances

Another thing that you need to observe is insurance. Check if the service provider covers both personal and property insurance. If there is no insurance, then any damage to the property or to the health of the plumber can fall on your shoulders.

Read the reviews

Before you make the hiring decision, take some time out to go through the reviews. If there are more positive reviews than negative ones, you can opt for that provider. Keep in mind that receiving absolutely no negative reviews is impossible!

Expert Plumbing Service

Need Professional Plumbing Services? Get in Touch With Us Now!

If you are thinking about what plumbing can I do myself, then there are some that you can fix. However, in most cases, it is vital that you get in touch with the experts. The Australian Law and Regulations regarding plumbing keeps in mind your safety as the primary priority. You could place yourself, your family members, and your house in real danger. It is pertinent that only licensed professionals fix major plumbing problems.

SOS Plumbers offers different types of plumbing services. We have a team of reliable plumbers, gas fitters, and technicians who have the expertise and technical training needed to deal with various crises. Moreover, we use professional-grade tools and materials and follow all the safety protocols. Furthermore, we charge attractive price rates and are available at all hours. All you have to do is give us a call!

Pressure Relief Valve Wow

The water heater is one of the most essential appliances in any household. Nothing brings more relief than being able to soak in the hot shower at the end of the day. It is why ensuring that the water heater remains in good condition is so vital. If you face any issues, it is better to call in the experts immediately. If you delay it, you might unintentionally worsen the damage. Most of the time, the issue lies with the pressure relief valve.

What is the pressure relief valve?

The pressure relief valve, also known as the temperature and pressure relief valve, is a critical component of the water heater. When the temperature and pressure inside the tank rise to extreme heights, the valve opens. It is due to this opening that the steam escapes, and you remain safe from a possible explosion. Therein lies the most advantageous aspect of the valve.

Pressure Relief Valve Wow

How does the pressure relief valve work?

In order to prevent any damage to the home, it is vital that you know the functioning of the relief valve. A water heater is essentially a closed system, and as such thermal expansion is common.

Most of the water heaters are either powered by gas or electricity. In each case, when the temperature of the water within the tank reaches 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit, expansion of the water, as well as the tank, occurs.

A certain degree of expansion is considered normal. However, when the pressure escalates to 150 psi or the temperature climbs to 210 degrees, the valve opens. It then expels the steam and hot water via the discharge tube and keeps the device safe from any explosions.

Tips to check the pressure relief valve of the water heater

There are multiple ways that you can ensure that the pressure relief valve is functioning properly. The manufacturers usually recommend checking at regular intervals to prevent massive damage. Check out the tips listed to gain more knowledge.

  1. Firstly, ensure that the discharge tube of the water heater remains attached. Wear protective gear to prevent any possible damage to your body.
  2. Then, put a bucket beneath the discharge tube.
  3. Now, you must pull the lever of the pressure relief valve. It will cause water to flow into the bucket below.
  4. After that, allow the lever to go back into its original place. But, if the lever is unable to move, then you have a faulty valve at your hand. It will need immediate attention.

Different issues with the relief valve

There are various issues that can occur related to the pressure relief valve. However, the most common reasons are the valve remains open and the leakage of the valve.

Another issue that you can come across is that the valve becomes stuck in different positions. If it gets stuck in the extended position, then it can cause water leakage. It will happen via the discharge tube and can lead to potential flooding of the house. However, if the valve gets stuck in the downward position, then it can cause a rupture of the tank.

Having difficulty with the pressure relief valve? Contact us now!

The relief valve is one of the most complicated yet vital parts of a water heater. For the safety of your house, it is important that the valve remains in good condition. If you suspect even a slight problem with regards to that, we recommend calling in the professionals. It is advisable not to try to fix it yourself with the aid of DIY tricks.

SOS Plumber Sydney offers a wide range of plumbing services. Our team of highly skilled gas fitters, plumbers, and technicians has the expertise and training required to handle any crisis. We use premium-quality tools and always opt for the safest route possible. Furthermore, we charge affordable rates and are open round the clock. Regardless of the time, you can get in touch with us anytime you want. We will be there immediately!

Step-By-Step Guide On How to Unblock a Sink Without a Plunger?

A blocked sink is nothing short of a nightmare. Can you imagine the flow of dirty and contaminated water outside? Not to mention the foul odor and the fact that the situation can quickly escalate. However, you do not need to panic. It is not the end of the world! You can still deal with the situation without expert help on How To Unblock a Sink Without a Plunger.

If you are wondering – how to unblock a sink without a plunger? Then you have come to the right place. Here, we will discuss in length how you can get rid of the blockage without using a plunger (though it is a vital plumbing tool).

How To Unblock a Sink Without a Plunger

Different Strategies That Can Assist You in Unblocking The Sink

Are you worried that you do not have a plunger? Well, no need to be! There are different other ways that you can get rid of the clog. Do you want to know – how to unblock a sink without a plunger? Check out the various methods listed here.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

It is common knowledge that baking soda and vinegar are popular kitchen ingredients. But, did you know that they can be used to Unblock Sinks and Drains? Take a bowl and mix an equal amount of both the substances. Then, stir the mixture well and pour it down the sink. The resulting chemical reaction will break up the stubborn clogs with ease. If you want to be more thorough, then let the mixture stay overnight. After that, flush some water.

Hot Water For How To Unblock a Sink Without a Plunger

Are you wondering – how to unblock a kitchen sink without a plunger? Using hot water might just be the easiest way imaginable. Can any way get simpler than this? All you have to do is boil large volumes of water. However, make sure that you do not flush them down at once. Instead, wait for a few seconds before pouring down the hot water in three or more stages. It is vital that you allow the water to break up the blockage.

Wire Hanger

The best replacement tool that you can come up with is the wire hanger. Now, you must straighten it as much as possible. After that, bend one need in a way that creates a hook.

Then, you must push this makeshift tool inside the drain. It will help in removing the grime and debris that have caused the blockage. After you have completed the task, ensure that you pour hot water to get rid of any existing clogs. This is another method in how to unblock a sink without plunger

Sodium Peroxide

If you are pondering how to unblock a sink without a plunger, take into consideration the chemical compound – sodium peroxide. It is also known as caustic soda and is easily available in the local stores. You need to mix cold water and caustic soda in a bucket.

Then, make sure that you use a wooden material to stir the mixture. As soon as it starts fizzing, flush it over the sink. Let the reaction occur for at least 20 minutes. After that, pour some hot water over it. Keep into account that caustic soda is highly corrosive and can cause chemical burns.

Boiling Water and Bleach

You might not know, but the mixture of bleach and boiling water can do wonders for you. It is potent in breaking up the clogs that lead to this plumbing annoyance. However, it is vital that you know how to unblock a sink without a plunger. Also, read the safety instructions given in the bleach container before proceeding to start the work.

Tip: Make sure that you do not forget to wear gloves. If you do not heed attention to this, you face the risk of putting your hands in danger.

Can’t Unblock The Sink? Get in Touch With Us!

There are various methods that you can employ to remove the blockage from the sink. Now, the absence of a plunger may startle you a bit. But don’t worry! There are many other ways. For this, you must know more about how to unblock a sink without a plunger. However, if these techniques do not succeed, calling in the experts is the right decision.

We, SOS Plumber in Sydney provides various types of plumbing services. You can rely on us to unblock your sink in no time. We have a team of expert plumbers and technicians that are trained to handle different plumbing issues. Also, we use the latest tools and charge affordable rates. Give us a call, and you can see how to unblock the sink without a plunger.

The satisfaction of an exhaustive workout can vanish within a blink of an eye. Reason? You reach for a glass of water to quench your indomitable thirst but receive brown water from the cold tap. The foremost question that pops up in your head is the safety aspect. Can you still drink it? Then, you start thinking about the issue at hand. And, you are in hard luck if you have white porcelain sinks. It might take forever to make the stain go.

However, if you are wondering about the hazardous aspect of brown water, then don’t worry! It is just an excessive amount of iron in the water. But, it can also be the accumulation of rust and sediments. You need to find out the reason before anything else. If the issue is going on for an extended period, you need to get in touch with a professional plumber.

Brown Water From the Cold Taps
Brown Water From Cold Taps

Tips in Dealing with Brown Water from the Cold Tap

There are various ways that you can handle the issue of flowing brown water from a cold tap. Make sure that you wait for some time before making any calls. Take a look at the ways that you can deal with this unique plumbing issue.

Run the Water

Before you start panicking and contacting the plumbing services, run the tap for at least half an hour. If it gets cleared, then you have one less headache. However, if it doesn’t, then you might consider searching for the services. You can also take into consideration the installation of a water softener or water filtration system.

Ask Around

Remember how you annoy neighbours when there is a current outage? Similarly, in this scenario, visit your neighbours. Ask if they are also getting brown water from a cold tap. If they are, then you can deduce that the fault lies with the city pipes. Also, it is not your responsibility. You simply have to contact the corporations and let them know. But, if none of the neighbours has the issue, then it is your sole problem.

Identify the Source

Now that you know that the problem lies at your end, you need to do your best to find the source. It will be a great aid to the plumbers. They do not have to waste time searching for the source and get ready to fix the issue immediately. To find the location of the brown water, run taps together and then solo. See which ones are giving brown water. You need to note down the faulty ones. It is most probably a case of corrosion in the water pipe.

Don’t Rush

Sometimes, the brown water from a cold tap can stop after a few hours or even days. Give it some time. However, if the issue persists, then do not wait for the brown water to go away on its own. Whatever the reason is, you now need the assistance of expert knowledge.

Facing Difficulty in Getting Rid of the Brown Water? Call in the Experts!

If you have tried every possible scenario and still the issue remains, then the only thing that you can do is contact professional plumbing services. They can determine the cause of the brown water from the cold tap. You shouldn’t try anything extreme, lest a leaky pipe bursts and you have a flood in your house. SOS Plumbers has a team of experienced plumbers and offers instant plumbing services. Our plumbers are licensed, have the right tools, and are well-educated about the various cleaning techniques. Installing the right water filtration system can do the trick. We are available at all times and have reasonable pricing. Get in touch with us today to get rid of the disgusting brown water.